Coralie Guilleman

"Self-taught artist, I have explored different practices for over 30 years. I quickly used collage in all its forms for the diversity of its materials and the constantly reinvented texture. By refining my work thanks to photography in particular, I have developed this same common thread: The entanglement. Specific to the plant kingdom, it is expressed in each of my photographic compositions. Compositions in which I integrate my own drawings or photo portraits for a final juxtaposition: Thus, bark, ramifications, foliage, driftwood, buds and cacti capture a new face in an unprecedented dimension. Through this matching duality, a new and at the same time rough beauty takes place: The millennial and frozen trunk mingles with the luminous face of youth, a delicate profile arises in the hollow of a thick and sinuous bark. I like to think that by putting different worlds together, I increase their energy tenfold!

Through this personal and instinctive approach, inspired by all-out vegetation, I invite us to reconnect with the wild, and update this part of strangeness in our daily life ... "